More Illegal Activity Requests

It seems many people’s beliefs are based on what they have seen on drama series on television.  I say this because during my early years as a private investigator, I would get calls from prospective clients wanting to know how much I charged for “roughing” someone up.   Or breaking a few bones.  I would explain that I was not licensed for roughing someone up or breaking bones, and that this would be illegal for anyone to do.  This would be met with disappointment from the client.   They thought such activities, if done by a licensed private investigator, were acceptable, since it was common practice on their favorite TV PI series.  Another common request involved me trespassing in order to obtain information they wanted.  They fail to realize, that with few exceptions, private investigators have no more authority that every other citizen.

About Jack Kelley

I am a private investigator with over 40 years experience in security and investigations through employment within the government, corporate and private communities. I have been conducting private investigations in Kansas for over 17 years, providing investigative support to attorneys, corporations and private individuals.
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